Reduce and Reuse

At Nel & Nancy we would like to offer the most sustainable way to shop, and we are committed to being responsible for our waste. 

We know items get damaged, stained or simply outgrown (especially kids clothes!) and we want to make sure those items don't contribute to the worlds waste.

We offer a complete take back scheme, no matter the condition of your item we will pay the postage for you to send it back to us to re-dye, reuse, resell and/or recycle. 

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Simple. Contact us, post back & wait for your voucher

Use the form below to contact us and arrange your take back. We will email you with a postage label and all you need to do is package your item(s) and attached the label to your parcel. Your parcel can be collected from your front door or you can choose to drop it off with your local Hermes drop off shop.

How Should I Wrap My Parcel?

In anything! Old wrapping paper, plastic bag, your multipack crisp packet. As long as it is secure don't waste your time or money on good packaging.

What Do I Get Back?

Firstly, you'll know that your items won't be going to landfill. We will reuse, resell or recycle your items one way or another. 

Secondly, we will second you a coupon for 20% off your next order. You will be contacted once the item is received with the details.



Send your Nel + Nancy clothing back to us


Thank you for submitting your form. We look forward to receiving your clothes.

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